Monday, December 19, 2016

Week of What Seemed Like Miracles!

I love the gospel! This week we were able to help with the Christmas activity and all the little kids dressed up as animals and we sang in the choir! 
On Friday we were walking down the street and this man passed us and stopped us to tell us that he doesn't know how many times he`s read our folleto but he`s tired of reading it and wants to learn more. Turns out he`s an attorney and he told us, "I feel like my faith is low and need your help, I`m confused about what church is true" I was blown away! On Saturday we went over and he basically taught us the Restoration and then we gave him a book of Mormon. We have an appointment with him tomorrow but I`m excited to see what he`s learned! Also Yesterday we contacted a house and a young man let us sit outside and teach him because he told us that he`s catholic but feels like they don't tell them the whole truth and that he`s confused about what church is true. Once again I was blown away and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon. Then on Friday a lady told us the same thing how she doesn't know which church to join. All I could think of is that God is preparing so many people and then putting them in our path. It`s the Lords work and I`m just helping teach and he`s the one bringing them into his fold. I love it! I love it when we trust in the Lord and have faith! 

Today we went to the Volcano and it was really cool but literally really hot. 

Hermana Partridge

My companion looking down into Volcano Masaya! 

We got permission from President to go to Volcano Masaya which is one of the four volcanoes en the world that you can see the lava. It was insane! It was so hot and steam was rising up. 

Our district at the Volcano.

I helped these less actives with wood work for a little bit and for 1 sec I felt like a carpenter. Then I started to think about how Jesus felt when he worked with wood and how he refines us.

Baseball Jerseys

Choir practice for Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2016

I love Nicaragua!

Just the other night my companion and I were walking and this woman was crying hysterically and we started walking with her asking her what`s wrong and she started to hyperventilate and then fainted and my comp and I caught her and then a man came and said, That`s my aunt! And so we helped her to this house and her sister came out and was asking her what was wrong but we left to give her some air but it was an interesting moment. So please pray for this woman. 

So last last Sunday Nidia came out of her house Sunday morning telling us that we are wasting out time and that she doesn't want to go to church. The man had come over the night before and now she doesn't want to tell him that she has to keep the commandments. BUT we didn't give up and we went and visited her again and again reading The Book of Mormon and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and that`s when she began to realize that this was the true church.  Then we started to talk about how we have a living prophet on the earth and she stops us and asks us, "We have a prophet on the earth?!" Yes! and she said, "That makes sense because why would God not communicate to us now through prophets!" And then she came to church this Sunday alone! She started to read some of the talks from Conference and she loves it! Please pray for her that she will have the strength to stop talking with this man!

Also, Holman that can't walk, is doing ok, but he`s scared of his catholic mom even though he`s 36! Please pray that his mom`s heart will be softened! 

I have to go but I love you all! And mom and dad, please don't post pictures of me on facebook..please, thank you!

We went to a old jail called Coyotepe and we took a picture as Zona Masaya!

Hermana Hussey and I inside the jail that`s underground.

Hermana Partridge photo bombs the picture.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Merry Christmas soon!

This week is going to be short! Sorry everyone!

My investigators in Nindiri are amazing! 
We have one named Holman who got into an accident 3 months ago and had to have surgery on his leg and is now in a wheelchair because he can't walk due to surgery. He accepted the Book of Mormon and has started to read it. For church he didn't go but later that day we had the devotional for Christmas and we passed by to see if he wanted to go and he comes out and his eyes are all red and his voice sounds awful and he`s like, Hermanas I`m so sorry! I couldn't go because I didn't wake up on time and I`m sick!" We told him about the Devotional and he was like, "I`m going!" and even though he cant walk and his mom was trying to talk him out of going, he went! That is so rare here in Nicaragua! He was sick and cant walk and he went! People here if they have a head ache or a fever and they automatically say, "I can't go, I`m sick" but the thing is they can go. 

Then we have Nidia. She is a 60 year old women that is helping a 75 year old man commit adultery. She knows what she`s doing is bad but the man had paid for her kids education for years and she feels indebted to him. She broke down crying our first visit and prayed for forgiveness, then that Sunday she came to church! Please pray for both of these people because they really need help feeling the spirit and receiving a confirmation that these things are true! 

I love you all and hope you all are doing fine! I hope it`s snowing because it`s hot down here! Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hurricane, Earthquakes, and Cockroaches o my!

I had changes! Now I`m in Zona Masaya in Nindiri! All my mission it's been hot! I've been in the hottest areas in my mission and now I`m here and it feels so cold, people are like, "it`s so hot out today" and I`m freezing! My new companion is Hermana Ramos from Honduras! She`s so cute and shy but man is she blunt and real with people. I love it! I`m also living with two other sisters, Hermana Hussey (She came with me to Nicaragua) and Hermana Calderon (the daughter of Hermana Hussey who is in training, she`s from El Salvador). Our house is probably the nicest one I've had in all my mission but it is full of cockroaches! These little cockroaches, there are hundreds of them!

This past week on Monday we woke up and had a cleaning fest and while we had a cleaning fest I decided to make smoothies, a member let us borrow her smoothie maker. So I put in the bananas and then the yogurt and milk, then I went to put in the oatmeal and I start to pour it in and I see a few cockroaches! I tried to get all of them out. I thought I had gotten them all out so I made the shake and we started to drink them when Hermana Ramos pulls half a cockroach out of her shake! She looks at it and says that bugs have more protein than chicken. It was hilarious! So we drank our cockroach filled smoothies and then as a Zone we went to a lagoon that is near by! Also, we live right next to a volcano! I've lived next to volcanoes all my mission and this one is so cool because it`s active! At night I was looking at the sky and this one part was dark red and it`s because the lava is shining out of the volcano onto the clouds reflecting and every day smoke leaves from it! 

Tuesday I went on divisions with Hermana Hussey to Masaya and I went to the hospital in Managua with another Hermana because she has a lot of pain in her sinuses and had an appointment. While her comp and Hermana Hussey worked in her area. Then we came back and I worked with Hermana Bullock and her daughter Hermana Lopez. It was pretty fun!

Then Thursday we got a warning about a hurricane that was about to hit Nicaragua and we had a earthquake the same day! Thank goodness that the Hurricane didn't hit this part of our area but in other areas it rained a ton! It only rained a little bit here.

I have to go love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

 Above the volcano with the sun setting.

Cockroaches and more. This is only a few of the sticky pads that we have in the house.

It`s not temple square but it reminded me about it. Here is a little park that is near us.

          Just in case it erupts.

The Lagoon

                    Me, Hermana Ramos, and Hermana Calderon

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rice and beans for days!

POWERFUL!! This week was powerful! Elder Alonzo came and talked with us this past week and he didn't talk much but it was powerful!

Here´s a little story about one of our investigators. So we were out contacting and this lady comes out of her house and we present ourselves and then we tell her a little bit about our message and she tells us to come back tomorrow. So we come back and we teach her the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and she tells us she'll pray. Then we teach her about the Book of Mormon and we read about how Jesus came to America. Then she reads Mosiah chapter 4 and loves it! She told us that the only reason that she let us in was because in our contact we said that our message was about families and she´s having a little troubles with her sons and she really opened up to us. Also, this Sunday she came to church! She seriously needs your prayers! Her life has been really hard. 

After we visited her we went to dinner at the Bishop's house which was Chicken, with rice and beans and soda and french fries. Then our next appointment gave us dinner too! And it was Chicken with rice and beans with soda and plantains. Then while we were eating a member in the bishop bric calls us and asks us where we are and that his wife is waiting for us. I was like, Why is she waiting for us? Dreading the answer, and he said, To come eat of course! So after we went over and we ate chicken with rice and beans with soda and plantains. We were dying! It was so hard to walk! But I went to bed that night full!

Sunday we were eating lunch and the member that gives us lunch had her feet up and it turns out she has this really bad ingrown toe nail, her nail was growing into her toe and it was causing an infection to the point where she couldn't walk. I told her that she needed to get rid of her nail and so I called a member who is a doctor and he came over and numbed it and pulled it out! She held our hands and they just did a medical procedure in her backyard! #Nicaragua! 

Then this morning Hermana Vasquez and I went to wash her clothes for her since she couldn't wash them herself. It was a really productive morning! 

I have to go but I love you all!

Hermana Partridge

Monday, November 7, 2016

Short Update

So I´m going to give a short update of what´s going on:

- Albeniz got baptized 3 weeks ago and hasn't come to church since, but we taught him about baptisms for the dead and he loved it! He wants to go to the temple and take a lot of names to the temple but he needs to go to church! He doesn't like the fact that he has to wear a tie. He just needs to get over that one.

- Dorissell, we had to drop teaching her because she still has doubts about baptism and has been reading her Book of Mormon but hasn't gained a testimony that this is the true church yet. 

- This past week was elections here in Nicaragua, which is a HUGE thing. So for the past week and the next coming week we start working at 9:00 in the morning and we have to enter the house at 7:00 at night instead of at 9. Then yesterday for Sunday we went to church and then after church we were told to stay in our house all day because of the elections that were going on. It´s not that sketchy here but we´ll see what happens. 

- We found some really cool people this past week so we´ll see where it all goes!

I have to go but I love you all and talk to you next week!
Hermana Partridge

 Where the dog bit my leg.
 Hermana Hawkins and I.
We have so many cockroaches and spiders and rats! Gotta love Nicaragua!!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! It doesn't feel like Halloween but after seeing all the photos that everybody is sending me of Fall and costumes it looks awesome! So on Tuesday we went and did divisions with the Hermana Leaders in Diriamba and I was able to go teach with Hermana Hawkins! We came together in the mission and it was a blast working with her! We are a lot alike! Then on Wednesday my companion and I were walking and my companion was in front of me and she passed by this dog and it was a normal looking dog and then I was just about to pass it and I had the feeling that I should go around it. I was like "No, I´ll be fine, I walk by dogs all day!" and did I listen to that prompting...NO, and right as I walked by the dog, it growled and bit me in my calf! So I had to go sit down because my leg started to bleed and then women started to come out and say that the same dog has bitten kids before and who knows else what. And they were freaking out and started to clean my leg with alcohol as my companion calls our DL. So it was an exciting 5 sec. then I went back to work. My legs healing now and the dog didn't have rabies and I haven't started to foam from the mouth yet so that´s a good sign!

Then the rest of the week was a blur, I seriously need to get better at writing in my journal and bringing it with me when I write. It was a good week though. 

Please pray for Dorissell, she´s still struggling with knowing that we have a prophet here on the earth.

Love you all and I need to go sleep!
Hermana Partridge

I´ll send pictures next week because I forgot my camera!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Blessing of the Lord!

So this week flew by fast and we had interviews with President Brown.....let me tell you that he is inspired!! He asked all the missionaries to come in with 1 question and boy was it spiritual! He answered everybody in under 20 min. 

Also, my throat has been hurting for the past 3 days and I think it might just be a virus or strep. I called the nurse today so we´ll see what she says. Thus far I have been sick my entire mission with something!
-Sinus infection
- there´s probably more but can't remember.
 WAHOO! The miracle is, I haven't missed one day of working in the field! Only one night when I went home a half an hour early because I was throwing up. But other than that the Lord has blessed me with the strength to continue working! MIRACLES!!

I love you!
Hermana Partridge

Monday, October 17, 2016


Monday, October 10, 2016

Parasites, rats, and grease oh my!

Monday, October 3, 2016

You know your in Nicaragua when you see a man walking his pig.

Monday, September 26, 2016

I love the work and the Lord!

Monday, September 19, 2016

One year mark, eggs, miracles, and the Atonement

This past week was an interesting week! Sunday of last week we contacted a house next to a house that sells tajadas and enchiladas and other stuff. So while we`re contacting this house. A little old lady comes up to us with so much energy and is like, Are you going to eat? We told her that we couldn't because it was Sunday and we cant buy anything on Sunday. She looked at us and said, No, I`ll give it to you for free! So she gave us so much food which was a blessing because we were starving but couldn't eat anything until we got home at 9:00 at night. Thanks to Heavenly Father for putting this lady in our path because after we offered to come back in the morning and help her clean the dishes. She accepted but when we returned she wasn't there. So when we went back she was sitting in her chair and we asked if we could share a message with her and then she told us a story about how her little boy had to escape to Mexico so that he wouldn't be in a war that was here a long time ago and how she lost touch and for years would cry until on day her other son told her that he had found his brother and that he was in the United States. Now she talks to him every Sunday and he has a family of his own but the story was so sad and then so happy! We taught her how families can be together forever and we taught her about the Restoration of the Church and she said, I want to pray about this but it`s going to be hard for me to change religions because my parents were really Catholic and I grew up Catholic. Please pray for her she`s so sweet and then on Saturday she gave us food for free again!
Alveniz, we had a little rough spot but now he`s reading his Book of Mormon and has a testimony of Jesus Christ which he didn't have before. The only thing is, that he didn't come to church this past week because he had a huge pile of clothes he had to wash! I was so flabbergasted! Keep praying for him though because he has a desire to repent and needs the Lord.
Dorissell is doing good. Her Book of Mormon got wet because it rained and she accidentally left it outside when she was reading it. She`s struggling a little bit but has been praying to know and reading so she`s rocking!
On Friday I hit my year mark! I think I`m in denial because I can't believe that I only have 6 months left....I want a whole other year! It`s not fair that the Elders get 2 years! I`m thinking of extending but they say it`s pretty hard to extend so we`ll see what happens. So for my one year mark we burned a skirt of mine and then while it was burning my companion comes up behind me and all I feel is a wack in the back of my head and gooey stuff running in my hair and I knew exactly what she had done! She had egged my head and yelled happy 1 year mark P-Ridge! (She calls me P-ridge) and so I had to take a shower at 10:00 at night. It was fun!
I love Nicaragua! Rice and Beans for DAYS!! Also I learned that Hermana Vasquez that lives with me, her parents were taught by a Elder Partridge and I asked her what his name is and it`s my first cousin who taught them!
This past week I learned about asking the Lord, What lack I yet? I love the talk about this because there are moments in our lives where the Lord shows us our weaknesses and it`s to help us grow and become the person he wants us to be. So whenever you feel like things aren't going right or something is wrong, kneel in prayer and ask the Lord, What lack I yet? And he`ll show you the things you need to change. And through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to try again. To get up when we fall down and rise to the person who God wants us to be. But we can only do it if we are humble enough to ask that one question, What lack I yet? And then act on it not just saying, well I don't have a problem with that. Because God helps those who are humble and grateful and those people who are humble and grateful are those who will be first in the Kingdom of Heaven. Just like Jesus Christ said, Thy will, not mine be done.
Love you all!
Hermana Partridge

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Multi Zone Conference

I can't really remember anything that happened this past week. We had a Multi Zone meeting about how to work with members and I learned a lot! President Brown taught it and that man is truly humble. His wife is funny too!
On Wednesday we taught this women named Maria Salas that´s Catholic but isn't active. She really likes our message but the problem is her husband. He might not let her go to church but we prayed and she couldn't come to church apparently but this week we´re praying! Then a woman named Dorissell who was a reference of a member went to church 2 weeks ago and then this week told us that her husband left her and her two kids after church because he has problems with money and drinking so she told him to leave and she´s a little devistated. So we had a good lesson with her about the gospel and she´s reading her Book of Mormon and is praying about it too! She´s awesome but really needs your prayers.

Juan Carlos and Pedro came to church and Juan Carlos´s wife came too! Turns out their having marriage problems because as of a year ago he stopped doing a lot of the things the husband needs to do and she works all the time and supports them all. She came and hopefully this week we can have a good talk about marriage and how families need to help and support one another. 

We´re teaching a women named Carmen and her daughter named Hazel and they are SUPER CATHOLIC! But want to hear more about the gospel and this past week Hazel came to church with a friend that she works with that´s a member! She told us that it was really different but she liked it. 

Please pray for Alveniz because he is struggling right now and really needs your prayers!

The Lord is truly amazing! Sunday we don't have dinner because nobody gives us dinner and then Saturday night we contacted this lady who sells tajadas and she asked us to come back Sunday and eat. We told her we couldn't because we cant buy stuff on Sunday and she said, "Don't worry it will be free" So we show up on Sunday and she gave us a Ton of food! The Lord is awesome. WHY? Because he touched this women´s heart and she gave us food. We offered to come back on Monday and wash dishes and she said that was fine! 

I want to share what quite possibly could be my favorite scripture of all time! I only have my Spanish scriptures right now but if you could look up Ether 12:27
"y si los hombres vienen a mi, les mostrare su debilidad. Doy a los hombres debilidad para que sean humildes; y basta mi gracia a todos los hombres que se humillan ante mi; porque si se humillan ante mi, y tienen fe en mi, entonces haré que las cosas débiles sean fuertes para ellos"

I love you all and have a good day! 
Hermana Partridge
My companion and I contacting down this dirt road
My companion and I

Monday, September 5, 2016

Heavenly Father is wonderful!

This week I've learned the importance of how obedience brings blessings! This week has been an amazing week! We worked with members and found new people and at the end of everyday our agendas would be full for the next day! We would go to bed everyday dead tired but it was an amazing day! So one day we were contacting and we contacted this really rich looking house and they had a pool in their backyard which means that you have money! Here in Nandaime is pretty poor and so to see that we were shocked! But the husband answered the door and told us to come back later. So we came back later and him and his wife were there and they didn't seem too happy. We entered into the house and they both sat down with us and basically the husband started to say that they have marriage problems. He told us how he used to have a drinking problem and how he`s really open with his wife but his wife is really quiet and doesn't want to talk about her feelings. So we started to teach them how the gospel can help them and they're not very religious but they agreed to start praying. They told us they couldn't go to church this past Sunday but want to go this Sunday! 

Also, we are teaching a man who I never thought would be interested in the gospel at all. His name is Alveniz. We were teaching a less active a few weeks ago and her ex husband and her are still friends and he comes over to her house every night to be with his kid and help her out because he lives down the street. Anyway, he never seemed like the person who would want the gospel until one day I asked him when he was going to come to church with us. And then basically we started to talk about the gospel and now he comes to church and wants to learn more. He has changed completely from the man he was before! In just 2-3 weeks he has put his love and trust in the Lord and wants to learn more about the gospel. Before he was catholic but he hated being catholic because he didn't believe in anything they did at church. And he was a little scared to go to our church because he thought it was going to be the same but he loved it! We asked him if he would be baptized and he said YES but that he needs a little bit of time because he wants to learn more! Please pray for this man he is trying to change to do good but his family is really Catholic. 

Also there`s this man named Juan Carlos who has a son named Pedro but they can't get baptized because he`s not married to his wife and his wife doesn't want to get married or doesn't believe in marriage. Please pray for his wife that her heart will be softened because he wants to get baptized and pay his tithing! 

Love you all so much and just know that God is great and we can do everything that is expedient through him. The Atonement of Christ changed my life and I know it can change the world, just like Christ like love!

Hermana Partridge

Classic Nicaraguan Flag in the wind.

The ferry between the Island and Rivas.

Here is Hermana Partridge with
Hermana Acosta.  She is from Belize.

Hermana Ramos and I she`s from Dominican Republic

Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Carla (she cooks us lunch everyday.)

Hermana Vasquez and I! I love this sister so much! I think we knew each other in the Premortal existence.

Hermana Naumu my companion (Her hair is all crazy) and Hermana O`Donnal

Here is part of my zone with both my ZL`s. 

  I love the skies here!

Hermana Vasquez fell asleep on the floor after planning .
Another sky pic

Monday, August 22, 2016

This week was amazing! So I took the council of my President and for the first time in my mission made the effort to work with members. We normally couldn't work with members because of how busy we were with other things but we took the time and made a goal to work with members everyday this past week and WE COMPLETED IT! 

So this past week my companion and I made a goal to work with members everyday to see what happened. Monday we couldn't because it was family home evening night. Tuesday we left with a member named Katherine and she helped us a lot in our lessons! She mixed it up a bit because sometimes teaching the same thing everyday we begin to be repetative but with her she testified and said different things that our inv. needed to hear. She also showed us and gave us a ref. of her cousins who aren't members and how she wants to leave with us another day to go visit them and invite them to church. Then that day we passed by a menos activo named Kevin who told us that he has a friend that he works with that has been asking him questions about the church and wants to talk to us! So we set up a date to go with him with his friend to meet him. Also in the morning we sat down with a map of our area and prayed about where we needed to contact. We both felt like we needed to contact an area se llama los chinamos and then I felt like we needed to also contact another part. So we both prayed about the first area and both felt like we needed to go there at 7:00 on a certain road that we don't normally go down, and then we both prayed about the other part and during my prayer I felt....."blank" and then I asked Hermana Naumu how she felt and she told me that she felt..."blank" and I was like, "THAT`S HOW I FELT!" We were both in awe and so in the evening we contacted that street and we found 3 new people who were ready to hear the gospel! It was awesome!! 

Then on Wednesday we did the same thing with the map and we felt like we needed to contact a certain street and we were contacting and not finding anyone and then we contact this house and this guy with a beard is working and turns out that he`s a member but nobody ever knew. He got baptized in Granada when there wasn't a church here and was super faithful until he had to start this job but now he said he can come to church. We didn't necessarily find a new person but we found someone who needed us. Then the same thing happened on Thursday, we found some more menos activos who needed to hear our message again. On Wednesday we worked with a member who also gave us a ref. who was her dad who isn't a member but lives with her two brothers who are members but are less active. Then on Thursday we worked with the Relief society pres. and she showed us a house that is FULL of Menos activos. A whole family and then another family to complete. Then as we talked with her and her husband, her husband gave us a reference of a friend of his! There are so many more stories that I could tell you of how we found new people this week and how working with the members helped a lot! There are a few things that worked and didn't work but I`m learning little by little what things do and don't. But we completed our goal of working with a member everyday this week, and it helped A LOT!

This week has been so different! I love you all and hope that all is well! I just want to testify that when we work with members the people we baptize stay in the church and also we find more people to teach! Don't be afraid to give ref. to the missionaries because it helps us and the people who we teach! Call and ask your missionaries if you can go on divisions with them or come with them to a lesson. I promise you that if you do this, that you will receive blessings but that you will help someone else receive blessings and change their life!
Hermana Partridge
 There`s the coke in a bag in front of her face.

Hermana Naumu and I with a friend! Hermana Naumu doesn't like to take pictures so this is one of the only ones I have of her without her hand on her face or a bag of coke in front.

Monday, August 15, 2016

God is great, life is good!

This past week I learned a lot about humility and how attitude effects everything! Tuesday we went and did divisions with the Sister training leaders and slept over at their house! I definitely learned a lot from them. Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday we worked hard. It´s almost like the days are blurring together. Then I think the biggest miracle was on Sunday! We only had 4 investigators at church and didn't complete with the 7 but we walked into the chapel at 9:05 and sitting in the chapel were 7 less active members that we had talked to the day before and told us they would come to church. AND THEY CAME!! It was amazing! I realize that it´s the lives of the people we touch that matters the most. If we left them better than they were before than we did good. Sorry that I failed in my long letter again but really I cant remember what happened during my week and I forgot my journal. Also it´s because I´m really tired and want to go take a power nap really quick! Hehe. Just know that God is good and life is great!
If we follow the Lords will everything will work out!
Love you!
Hermana Partridge

Monday, August 8, 2016

Here is the LONG letter I promised everyone

Here is a picture with Hermana Brown the wife of our new president. She is probably one of the sweetest souls I have ever met and she is hilarious!

Here is Volcano Mombacho that I live next to.

So this past week we had interviews with our new President Brown and he is the bomb! The interview was so spiritual and he talked about teaching more with the spirit and with love and that man is truly inspired! His wife is hilarious and so sweet! That`s about all because I don't have that much time to email but I promise I`ll write a longer email next week! Love you all!

Hermana Partridge
P.S. sorry mom it`s not longer!