Monday, August 22, 2016

This week was amazing! So I took the council of my President and for the first time in my mission made the effort to work with members. We normally couldn't work with members because of how busy we were with other things but we took the time and made a goal to work with members everyday this past week and WE COMPLETED IT! 

So this past week my companion and I made a goal to work with members everyday to see what happened. Monday we couldn't because it was family home evening night. Tuesday we left with a member named Katherine and she helped us a lot in our lessons! She mixed it up a bit because sometimes teaching the same thing everyday we begin to be repetative but with her she testified and said different things that our inv. needed to hear. She also showed us and gave us a ref. of her cousins who aren't members and how she wants to leave with us another day to go visit them and invite them to church. Then that day we passed by a menos activo named Kevin who told us that he has a friend that he works with that has been asking him questions about the church and wants to talk to us! So we set up a date to go with him with his friend to meet him. Also in the morning we sat down with a map of our area and prayed about where we needed to contact. We both felt like we needed to contact an area se llama los chinamos and then I felt like we needed to also contact another part. So we both prayed about the first area and both felt like we needed to go there at 7:00 on a certain road that we don't normally go down, and then we both prayed about the other part and during my prayer I felt....."blank" and then I asked Hermana Naumu how she felt and she told me that she felt..."blank" and I was like, "THAT`S HOW I FELT!" We were both in awe and so in the evening we contacted that street and we found 3 new people who were ready to hear the gospel! It was awesome!! 

Then on Wednesday we did the same thing with the map and we felt like we needed to contact a certain street and we were contacting and not finding anyone and then we contact this house and this guy with a beard is working and turns out that he`s a member but nobody ever knew. He got baptized in Granada when there wasn't a church here and was super faithful until he had to start this job but now he said he can come to church. We didn't necessarily find a new person but we found someone who needed us. Then the same thing happened on Thursday, we found some more menos activos who needed to hear our message again. On Wednesday we worked with a member who also gave us a ref. who was her dad who isn't a member but lives with her two brothers who are members but are less active. Then on Thursday we worked with the Relief society pres. and she showed us a house that is FULL of Menos activos. A whole family and then another family to complete. Then as we talked with her and her husband, her husband gave us a reference of a friend of his! There are so many more stories that I could tell you of how we found new people this week and how working with the members helped a lot! There are a few things that worked and didn't work but I`m learning little by little what things do and don't. But we completed our goal of working with a member everyday this week, and it helped A LOT!

This week has been so different! I love you all and hope that all is well! I just want to testify that when we work with members the people we baptize stay in the church and also we find more people to teach! Don't be afraid to give ref. to the missionaries because it helps us and the people who we teach! Call and ask your missionaries if you can go on divisions with them or come with them to a lesson. I promise you that if you do this, that you will receive blessings but that you will help someone else receive blessings and change their life!
Hermana Partridge
 There`s the coke in a bag in front of her face.

Hermana Naumu and I with a friend! Hermana Naumu doesn't like to take pictures so this is one of the only ones I have of her without her hand on her face or a bag of coke in front.

Monday, August 15, 2016

God is great, life is good!

This past week I learned a lot about humility and how attitude effects everything! Tuesday we went and did divisions with the Sister training leaders and slept over at their house! I definitely learned a lot from them. Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday we worked hard. It´s almost like the days are blurring together. Then I think the biggest miracle was on Sunday! We only had 4 investigators at church and didn't complete with the 7 but we walked into the chapel at 9:05 and sitting in the chapel were 7 less active members that we had talked to the day before and told us they would come to church. AND THEY CAME!! It was amazing! I realize that it´s the lives of the people we touch that matters the most. If we left them better than they were before than we did good. Sorry that I failed in my long letter again but really I cant remember what happened during my week and I forgot my journal. Also it´s because I´m really tired and want to go take a power nap really quick! Hehe. Just know that God is good and life is great!
If we follow the Lords will everything will work out!
Love you!
Hermana Partridge

Monday, August 8, 2016

Here is the LONG letter I promised everyone

Here is a picture with Hermana Brown the wife of our new president. She is probably one of the sweetest souls I have ever met and she is hilarious!

Here is Volcano Mombacho that I live next to.

So this past week we had interviews with our new President Brown and he is the bomb! The interview was so spiritual and he talked about teaching more with the spirit and with love and that man is truly inspired! His wife is hilarious and so sweet! That`s about all because I don't have that much time to email but I promise I`ll write a longer email next week! Love you all!

Hermana Partridge
P.S. sorry mom it`s not longer!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The missionaries sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and WAAAAALLLLKKKKK!!!! WAHOO

A miral en´s pretty cool looking!

Hermana Naumu and Hermana O´Donnal we helped build a house for a hermana this past week!

 This week I don't have a lot of time to write but I´m going to write a really long email about what´s happened for next week (Sorry mom) I love you all and I´m doing great here in Nandaime!

Hermana Partridge