Saturday, October 31, 2015

Letter From Mission President

President and Sister Russell with Hermana Partridge

Hermana Partridge's first companion in Mission: Hermana Gomez              

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Safe Arrival

Hermana Partridge arrives safely to Nicaragua!

SLC Airport

Hermana Partridge with other missionaries leaving for Atlanta, Georgia on their way to Nicaragua.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Please write me in the mission field

Sister Carmen Raye Partridge
Nicaragua Managua South Mission
De la Retonda del Periodista
150 vrs. al Sur Ofiplaza Suite 725
Managua, Managua


Sister Carmen Raye Partridge
AP 3527
Managua, Nicaragua

Items not complying with the following instructions will be returned to the sender, or discarded if the complete return address is not included.

Lay the letter blank side down.  Fold the bottom of the letter about one-third of the way up the page and crease.  Fold the top of the letter to the bottom of the first fold and crease. Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about one inch (2.5 centimeters) in from each end, but do not seal the ends.  Write your name and complete return address in the top left corner.  Affix first class postage in the top right corner.  In the middle, write the missionary address:

Sister Carmen Raye Partridge
Nicaragua Managua South Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT  84130-0150

For packages:

Sister Carmen Raye Partridge
Nicaragua Managua South Mission
De la Retonda del Periodist
150 vrs. al Sur Ofiplaza Suite 725
Managua, Managua
Phone: 505 2254-7553

If you ship a package via a private courier, they will need the  telephone number listed above.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Chad Lewis, Language barrier, and more!

On Sunday we had Chad Lewis come and speak to us! For those of you who don't know who Chad Lewis is he played football for BYU and then played in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles. He also served a mission in Taiwan. Also sitting on the front row in the MTC was Tayson Hill who is the quarter back for BYU and is out for the season for breaking his foot. Well he actually tore his lisfranc ligament and as it turns out so did Chad Lewis.So we got to hear from both of them. Chad lewis talked to us about a little about his mission but the funniest thing was he had Elder Oaks come speak to them in their mission and he said, "I know the Lord loves the Chinese because he made a lot of them". He also said that when he had torn his lisfrac ligament he couldn't play in the Superbowl but he said that his family was his Superbowl! Then Tayson Hill bore his testimony and said, "Not one experience playing on the field in front of thousands compares to serving a mission" This huge football player was in tears saying this and it was probably one of the most heart felt thing I have heard come from that pulpit!

Ugh...we were teaching our teacher and he was complaining how he's trying to find a girl to take out on a date that wants to talk about the gospel(because apparently there are no girls like that here at BYU) weird) anyway I was going to ask him, "Have you taken any girls out on dates?" Instead I used Tocar instead of Tomar and said, "Have you touched any girls on dates?".....the elders erupted into laughter and I felt so bad and my teacher just laughed it off LANGUAGE BARRIER!!! Well at least it wasn't as bad as the Elders in the other district that told their investigator to read 3 Nephi3:7 but they meant 1 Nephi 3:7, so their investigator read , "Or in other words, yield yourselves up unto us, and unite with us and become acquainted with out secret works, and become out brethren that ye may be like unto us-not out slaves, but our brethren and partners of all our substance" I'm just glad they didn't read verse 8 as well.

Nothing really happened that was out of the ordinary this week. I leave for Nicaragua Monday morning at 3:35 a.m. I'm so pumped! I'm going to miss playing sand volleyball everyday though. Try not to do anything crazy while I'm gone people! I love you all!

Hermana Partridge

Words of Wisdom for the day

"A few months after moving to a small town, a woman complained to a neighbor about the poor service at the local drug store. She hoped the neighbor would repeat her complaint to the store's owner. The next time she went to the drugstore the druggist greeted her with a big smile and told her how happy he was to see her again. He said he hoped she liked their town and to please let him know if there was anything he could do to help her get settled. He then filled her order promptly and courteously. Later the woman reported the miraculous change to her friend. "I suppose you told the druggist how poor I thought the service was?" she asked. "Actually", the woman said. "I told him you were amazed at the way he had built up his drugstore and you thought it was one of the best you'd ever seen."

Friday, October 16, 2015

Lord of the Rings, disease, and toilets!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Epistle of a Missionary

I thought that this was hilarious!

The First Epistle of the Elders to the Dead Letter Writers
Chapter 1
In the beginning was the 
mailbox and the mailbox was 
void of letters.
2 And the missionaries said,
"Let the box be filled," and the
box was not filled.
3 And the missionaries beheld 
the continuing void and were 
not pleased.
4 And lo, it was the first day
of the week and there was no
mail delivered, but this was 
5 But on the second day was
the mail delivered; yet the box
remained empty.
6 Yea, even from the second
day unto the seventh was the
mail delivered.
7 Even so, the box retained it's 
8 And yea, great mists of dark-
ness spread forth from the void
and enshrouded the missionaries. 
Yea, and did bring much sadness
to their otherwise cheery days.
9 Even the long hours of fruitless 
tracting, being attacked by 
the fowls of the air, and being 
pursed by the beasts of the
field were not as disheartening
as the lack of blessed objects
known as letters.
10 Yet they persisted.

Chapter 2
And, Lo, on the second day of
the second week the mists still
encircled the mailbox.
2 And on the third day, from
within the depths of the void
was a single postcard. 
3 And this postcard put forth a 
ray of light that pierced the darkness
and overcame the mists.
4 And the missionaries were
well pleased, and there was 
much rejoicing.
5 But, alas, their exclamations 
of joy were in vain. For the
postcard was for someone else.
6 But if their joy was so 
exceedingly great over someone 
else's mail, how great would be
their joy at partaking of their
own mail?

Chapter 3
But some will say, A letter.
A Letter. We have already
written a letter. We have no 
need to write any more letters.
2 Know ye not that there are
more days than one, and more
events than one in a day? Why
think ye that these events need
not be reported?
3 Yea, and ye need not worry
that your letters will go unanswered.
4 But you should say, I will go
and write the letter that a 
missionary requests. For I know
that he giveth no requests
except he be prepared to 
speedily respond.
5 And we give unto you the 
parable of the self-addressed
6 When the missionary
departed into the far off land he
gave a certain number of self-
addressed stamped envelopes to
his friends.
7 Unto one he gave five, unto
another he gave two, and unto
the third he gave one.
8 And while he was gone, he
that was given the five envelopes
wrote five letters, then in his zeal
wrote five letters more.
9 The same with him that had
two envelopes; He wrote two
letters and then two letters
10 But he that was given the
one self-addressed envelope
became slothful and careless.
And he lost the envelope, even
that which he was given.
11 And when the missionary
came home he went unto his
friends. And he that had written
ten letters was warmly greeted.
12 The same with him that 
had written four letters.
13 But he that had written
none at all was given nothing
more than a fishy, wimp-like

Chapter 4
And the missionary said unto
his friend; lovest thou me?
2 And the friend said, of 
course I love thee. then the
missionary said, fill my
3 He saith a second time,
friend, lovest thou me? And the
friend said, thou knowest that I
love thee. He then said, fill my 
4 He then spake a third time
saying, lovest thou me? And the
friend said, thou knowest all 
things, thou knowest that I love
5 Then the missionary said,
stuff my mailbox.
6 And the vision is become 
unto all as the words of a letter
that is sealed in the envelope
that men deliver to one who is
not serving a mission saying,
Read this, I pray thee; and he
saith, I cannot, for it is not
7 And the letter is delivered to
him that is serving a mission
saying, read this I pray thee;
and he saith, why sure.
8 Therefore, you should
proceed to do a marvelous work
for a missionary, even a marvelous
work and a wonder by
writing a letter.

The days have kind of blurred together but everyday has been a blessing! General conference was spectacular! I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seats when our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson talked. I'm sure everyone in that building was praying for him and thousands around the world! A few days after General Conference we had Linda K. Burton come talk to us and she mentioned what happened at Conference and then asked the question, "Do we really appreciate our Prophet and what he does for us?" That was truly a wake up call for me! I always thought ,"If the prophet dies then another one will be called" but I have not been grateful enough to Thomas S Monson and how much he sacrifices for this church and I'm also grateful that the Lord would not keep us in the dark but allow us to have a prophet. Also right after Elder Hollands talk the entire MTC could be heard sniffling and coughing (trying to cover up crying) and I'm pretty sure everyone there had their eyes water.

Vocal point came and sang and talked to us which was pretty cool. Probably one of my favorite things here is volleyball. Everyday we go outside to play sand volleyball! We also had another wonderful lesson with Marco and it was just as heart felt as the other ones! I love teaching him! 

So I've had a goal to not eat sugar for 2 weeks and I made it a little over a week and then.....they had pumpkin pie for lunch and it's October and it's Fall and I'm not going to have thanksgiving for who knows how many years and I wont be able to eat pumpkin pie in Nicaragua! Those were almost all the excuses that I came up with to eat the I took a bite....and it tasted like leaves changing colors, like hot chocolate and sweaters, like cinnamon and pumpkins, like cool crisp air and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I think it was the best piece of pumpkin pie I've ever had!

Words of Wisdom for the day:

It took Michelangelo twelve years - one brush stroke at a time - to paint his biblical scenes in the Sistine Chapel. It took Brahms twenty years - one note at a time - to compose his First Symphony. It took Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay eighty days - one step at a time - to climb the 29,000 feet of Mount Everest. 
                Word by word, brush-stroke by brush-stroke, note by note, step by step, problem by problem, prayer by prayer - this is the secret of Achievement.    -Author unknown

Hermana Partridge

Friday, October 2, 2015

Spiritual Experiences

This week I was reminded how blessed I am. My companion and I started to teach an investigator named Marco. He's an old man who has had polio since he was 1 year old and we sing to him every time we meet with him and he just closes his eyes and smiles. I really never thought that songs could do much but I have come to gain a testimony of them! Anyway, we were teaching Marco and explaining what happens after we die and he said that he hopes that its real because he wants to be able to run up in heaven and be with his wife forever and I seriously cried after this meeting because this man has never ran in his life and I LOVE running! I only then realized how blessed I am to have working legs. THEN we taught him again only this time we taught about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and then we shared the story of when Joseph Smith was a little boy and he had to have his leg operated on and how he walked with a limp the rest of his life. We told him that God doesn't care about your body and what it looks like, God cares about your faith and your actions and what's in your heart. We had started to tell him this and he started crying and again I came to realize just how blessed I am. We asked if he would pray and he offered one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. THEN we had the opportunity to talk with a member and teach him but in the end he taught me more. It was an old man who had joined the church and I asked him if he would share his favorite scripture. He then shared scriptures in Enos and while reading he started to cry and then bore his testimony of how thankful he was to have found the gospel and how grateful he is for a loving savior. I was seriously so touched by this man because I realized in that moment that I had been born into the Gospel and that I had the opportunity to grow up with it when this man could have gone his whole life without it. Day by day I am starting to be thankful for things I never thought about. Like spoons! I am thankful for spoons so that I can eat cereal and so I don't have to use my hand!

Also I would like to share a story called

          TWO HANDS

While walking in the sand one day
I tripped and fell and while I lay
Two hands reached out to lift me high,
One hand moist, the other hand dry.
On hand was tattered, worn, and abused.
The other hand soft, smooth, and unused.
I knew not which hand to take in mine.
To lift me up and guide me through time.
For one hand would lead me back home to God,
The other away from the iron rod
Cautiously I picked the tattered, torn hand
It lifted me up and again I could stand.
I knew then I'd picked the Lord's helping hand,
For Satan would've left me there in the sand.
I wondered why his hand was so worn and abused
And then I remembered how much it was used.

Love you all!   
Hermana Partridge