Monday, December 19, 2016

Week of What Seemed Like Miracles!

I love the gospel! This week we were able to help with the Christmas activity and all the little kids dressed up as animals and we sang in the choir! 
On Friday we were walking down the street and this man passed us and stopped us to tell us that he doesn't know how many times he`s read our folleto but he`s tired of reading it and wants to learn more. Turns out he`s an attorney and he told us, "I feel like my faith is low and need your help, I`m confused about what church is true" I was blown away! On Saturday we went over and he basically taught us the Restoration and then we gave him a book of Mormon. We have an appointment with him tomorrow but I`m excited to see what he`s learned! Also Yesterday we contacted a house and a young man let us sit outside and teach him because he told us that he`s catholic but feels like they don't tell them the whole truth and that he`s confused about what church is true. Once again I was blown away and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon. Then on Friday a lady told us the same thing how she doesn't know which church to join. All I could think of is that God is preparing so many people and then putting them in our path. It`s the Lords work and I`m just helping teach and he`s the one bringing them into his fold. I love it! I love it when we trust in the Lord and have faith! 

Today we went to the Volcano and it was really cool but literally really hot. 

Hermana Partridge

My companion looking down into Volcano Masaya! 

We got permission from President to go to Volcano Masaya which is one of the four volcanoes en the world that you can see the lava. It was insane! It was so hot and steam was rising up. 

Our district at the Volcano.

I helped these less actives with wood work for a little bit and for 1 sec I felt like a carpenter. Then I started to think about how Jesus felt when he worked with wood and how he refines us.

Baseball Jerseys

Choir practice for Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2016

I love Nicaragua!

Just the other night my companion and I were walking and this woman was crying hysterically and we started walking with her asking her what`s wrong and she started to hyperventilate and then fainted and my comp and I caught her and then a man came and said, That`s my aunt! And so we helped her to this house and her sister came out and was asking her what was wrong but we left to give her some air but it was an interesting moment. So please pray for this woman. 

So last last Sunday Nidia came out of her house Sunday morning telling us that we are wasting out time and that she doesn't want to go to church. The man had come over the night before and now she doesn't want to tell him that she has to keep the commandments. BUT we didn't give up and we went and visited her again and again reading The Book of Mormon and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and that`s when she began to realize that this was the true church.  Then we started to talk about how we have a living prophet on the earth and she stops us and asks us, "We have a prophet on the earth?!" Yes! and she said, "That makes sense because why would God not communicate to us now through prophets!" And then she came to church this Sunday alone! She started to read some of the talks from Conference and she loves it! Please pray for her that she will have the strength to stop talking with this man!

Also, Holman that can't walk, is doing ok, but he`s scared of his catholic mom even though he`s 36! Please pray that his mom`s heart will be softened! 

I have to go but I love you all! And mom and dad, please don't post pictures of me on facebook..please, thank you!

We went to a old jail called Coyotepe and we took a picture as Zona Masaya!

Hermana Hussey and I inside the jail that`s underground.

Hermana Partridge photo bombs the picture.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Merry Christmas soon!

This week is going to be short! Sorry everyone!

My investigators in Nindiri are amazing! 
We have one named Holman who got into an accident 3 months ago and had to have surgery on his leg and is now in a wheelchair because he can't walk due to surgery. He accepted the Book of Mormon and has started to read it. For church he didn't go but later that day we had the devotional for Christmas and we passed by to see if he wanted to go and he comes out and his eyes are all red and his voice sounds awful and he`s like, Hermanas I`m so sorry! I couldn't go because I didn't wake up on time and I`m sick!" We told him about the Devotional and he was like, "I`m going!" and even though he cant walk and his mom was trying to talk him out of going, he went! That is so rare here in Nicaragua! He was sick and cant walk and he went! People here if they have a head ache or a fever and they automatically say, "I can't go, I`m sick" but the thing is they can go. 

Then we have Nidia. She is a 60 year old women that is helping a 75 year old man commit adultery. She knows what she`s doing is bad but the man had paid for her kids education for years and she feels indebted to him. She broke down crying our first visit and prayed for forgiveness, then that Sunday she came to church! Please pray for both of these people because they really need help feeling the spirit and receiving a confirmation that these things are true! 

I love you all and hope you all are doing fine! I hope it`s snowing because it`s hot down here! Merry Christmas!