Monday, November 28, 2016

Hurricane, Earthquakes, and Cockroaches o my!

I had changes! Now I`m in Zona Masaya in Nindiri! All my mission it's been hot! I've been in the hottest areas in my mission and now I`m here and it feels so cold, people are like, "it`s so hot out today" and I`m freezing! My new companion is Hermana Ramos from Honduras! She`s so cute and shy but man is she blunt and real with people. I love it! I`m also living with two other sisters, Hermana Hussey (She came with me to Nicaragua) and Hermana Calderon (the daughter of Hermana Hussey who is in training, she`s from El Salvador). Our house is probably the nicest one I've had in all my mission but it is full of cockroaches! These little cockroaches, there are hundreds of them!

This past week on Monday we woke up and had a cleaning fest and while we had a cleaning fest I decided to make smoothies, a member let us borrow her smoothie maker. So I put in the bananas and then the yogurt and milk, then I went to put in the oatmeal and I start to pour it in and I see a few cockroaches! I tried to get all of them out. I thought I had gotten them all out so I made the shake and we started to drink them when Hermana Ramos pulls half a cockroach out of her shake! She looks at it and says that bugs have more protein than chicken. It was hilarious! So we drank our cockroach filled smoothies and then as a Zone we went to a lagoon that is near by! Also, we live right next to a volcano! I've lived next to volcanoes all my mission and this one is so cool because it`s active! At night I was looking at the sky and this one part was dark red and it`s because the lava is shining out of the volcano onto the clouds reflecting and every day smoke leaves from it! 

Tuesday I went on divisions with Hermana Hussey to Masaya and I went to the hospital in Managua with another Hermana because she has a lot of pain in her sinuses and had an appointment. While her comp and Hermana Hussey worked in her area. Then we came back and I worked with Hermana Bullock and her daughter Hermana Lopez. It was pretty fun!

Then Thursday we got a warning about a hurricane that was about to hit Nicaragua and we had a earthquake the same day! Thank goodness that the Hurricane didn't hit this part of our area but in other areas it rained a ton! It only rained a little bit here.

I have to go love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

 Above the volcano with the sun setting.

Cockroaches and more. This is only a few of the sticky pads that we have in the house.

It`s not temple square but it reminded me about it. Here is a little park that is near us.

          Just in case it erupts.

The Lagoon

                    Me, Hermana Ramos, and Hermana Calderon

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rice and beans for days!

POWERFUL!! This week was powerful! Elder Alonzo came and talked with us this past week and he didn't talk much but it was powerful!

Here´s a little story about one of our investigators. So we were out contacting and this lady comes out of her house and we present ourselves and then we tell her a little bit about our message and she tells us to come back tomorrow. So we come back and we teach her the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and she tells us she'll pray. Then we teach her about the Book of Mormon and we read about how Jesus came to America. Then she reads Mosiah chapter 4 and loves it! She told us that the only reason that she let us in was because in our contact we said that our message was about families and she´s having a little troubles with her sons and she really opened up to us. Also, this Sunday she came to church! She seriously needs your prayers! Her life has been really hard. 

After we visited her we went to dinner at the Bishop's house which was Chicken, with rice and beans and soda and french fries. Then our next appointment gave us dinner too! And it was Chicken with rice and beans with soda and plantains. Then while we were eating a member in the bishop bric calls us and asks us where we are and that his wife is waiting for us. I was like, Why is she waiting for us? Dreading the answer, and he said, To come eat of course! So after we went over and we ate chicken with rice and beans with soda and plantains. We were dying! It was so hard to walk! But I went to bed that night full!

Sunday we were eating lunch and the member that gives us lunch had her feet up and it turns out she has this really bad ingrown toe nail, her nail was growing into her toe and it was causing an infection to the point where she couldn't walk. I told her that she needed to get rid of her nail and so I called a member who is a doctor and he came over and numbed it and pulled it out! She held our hands and they just did a medical procedure in her backyard! #Nicaragua! 

Then this morning Hermana Vasquez and I went to wash her clothes for her since she couldn't wash them herself. It was a really productive morning! 

I have to go but I love you all!

Hermana Partridge

Monday, November 7, 2016

Short Update

So I´m going to give a short update of what´s going on:

- Albeniz got baptized 3 weeks ago and hasn't come to church since, but we taught him about baptisms for the dead and he loved it! He wants to go to the temple and take a lot of names to the temple but he needs to go to church! He doesn't like the fact that he has to wear a tie. He just needs to get over that one.

- Dorissell, we had to drop teaching her because she still has doubts about baptism and has been reading her Book of Mormon but hasn't gained a testimony that this is the true church yet. 

- This past week was elections here in Nicaragua, which is a HUGE thing. So for the past week and the next coming week we start working at 9:00 in the morning and we have to enter the house at 7:00 at night instead of at 9. Then yesterday for Sunday we went to church and then after church we were told to stay in our house all day because of the elections that were going on. It´s not that sketchy here but we´ll see what happens. 

- We found some really cool people this past week so we´ll see where it all goes!

I have to go but I love you all and talk to you next week!
Hermana Partridge

 Where the dog bit my leg.
 Hermana Hawkins and I.
We have so many cockroaches and spiders and rats! Gotta love Nicaragua!!