Monday, July 25, 2016

Washing clothes get´s people to church!

This past week has been interesting. At the beginning of the week we contacted this house and started to talk to the people inside when in the back we hear this women yelling, WHO IS IT? WHAT DO THEY WANT? and so we replied back that we were missionaries and she yelled, I´M BUSY WASHING CLOTHES! and so I yelled back, DO YOU NEED HELP? COULD WE HELP YOU?! and to my surprise she came out and said, what? Sure you can wash the clothes. So she sat down and her foot was inflamed and turns out that her foots been hurting her for a while and so my companion sat down with her and her husband while I washed clothes in a pila for her. It was so cool and then she said she would love to have us come back. Few days later we came back and she was ironing clothes and so we taught her about The gospel of Jesus Christ and then half way through she sat down and I ironed the clothes. It was awesome. The next visit she asked us who Joseph Smith was because her pastor talks about the Mormons in a bad way and so we taught her about the Restoration and then she said, I´m going to go to church with you guys this week, I dont like my pastor and I think ...... It was interesting and so when Sunday rolled along she came to church and said she loved it! She wants to go again next week with her husband! Then we talked to her more and asked her if she would be baptized and she said, I´m going to have to study and pray a lot about this because I´m confused. I´m confused about what my pastor says and why he doesn't like your church and I just need to pray to know what I need to do. It was awesome! Please pray for her, her name is Francis and also we found out that part of her foot is broken and she didn't know. 

I can't write more because I don't have time but I love you and God bless!

Hermana Partridge

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Here we are after walking through the rain to get to the cyber to write!

This past week we had transfers and I was in Rivas in Zone Jinotepe and I was sitting there in changes and he says Let`s start with Zona Jinotepe and I was sitting there listening to all the missionaries getting called there and then I hear  Hermana Partridge......and I just stared at President and was like WHAT? I got up and left and I was on my way to NANDAIME!! I`m in a house of 4 hermanas and my new companion is Hermana Naumu who happened to be companions with Hermana Gilbert in the MTC! So now there are 3 greengas in the house and one guatemalteca! In the house we actually have running water to take a shower not bucket showers and we actually have a kitchen! So far I love it here in Nandaime! Hermana Naumu is from Utah and she is tall and everybody asks us here if we`re sisters! It`s awesome! Hermana O`Donnal is also from Utah and Texas and when she found out I worked in Moab for 5 years so started to call me Granola when she saw my chocos and keens. I got to go but the Lord is awesome and He knows what he`s doing!!! Love you all!

Hermana Partridge

Monday, July 18, 2016

Everything is awesome!!!

So this week was interesting. My companion and I having been contacting like none stop looking for new positive people. Our new mission President Brown is totally different from President Russell. President Brown gave us a talk about how he wants to baptize more families and Priesthood holders and how he doesn't want just baptisms but he wants converts. So this week we looked for new families to teach and we found a few. One family that both the husband and wife before meeting each other talked to the missionaries and are super positive. Then another family that we contacted weeks ago but could never find them because they were never home. Well on Thursday it was 8:59 and we had 0 baptismal dates and we have to have at least 3 everyday and I was praying for a miracle and we passed by their house and the wife was just closing this huge metal gate door and I practically ran into her and she asked us, "Do you want to come in"? OF COURSE YES!! So we went in and talked a little bit about our message and then we asked them if they would like to be baptized if they got an answer to their prayers that these things were true and they accepted and it was awesome!
Also this past week I got this virus from mosquitoes. I think it´s a type of Chingenguna but I´m getting better. All I had was a rash all over my body for 3 days that itched like crazy! Plus diarrhea and a cold. It´s something that´s been going around. Thank goodness I didn't get Chingenguna because that´s ten times worse, you cant walk because your bones hurt so much for a week.

Also Rafaela and her daughter Tatiana finally came to church!!!!!!!!!!! We passed by their house in the morning and her husband was sitting in the door way. The thing is that her husband doesn't like us that much and tries as hard as possible to keep his wife from going to church. Rafaela reads The Book of Mormon and believes it´s true but her husband doesn't like it. So when we passed by we saw each other and just kind of stared at each other like a stand off. Then I said, "Entonces?" and he replied "Entonces?"  and I asked him if his wife was home and he said, "She´s sleeping, she cant come to the door".................I was mad. So we left and after half an hour we started heading over to the church when I get a call saying that Rafaela and her daughter were at church! Turns out they had left the house telling her husband they were going to the Market......WAHHOOO!! She came to church!
Then a man name Jermes came to church also. The problem with him is he knows a ton of Anti Mormon stuff and has thrown everything at us. He´s nice and he´s willing to read the Book of Mormon but he doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. He used to be catholic but now he´s not and he´s come with us twice to church.
Hermana Mendoza my companion just left her training and this week I´ll probably have transfers, we´ll see.
Love you all!! Les amo un monton!
Hermana Partridge