Friday, September 25, 2015

Mishaps at the MTC

Kelcie Sanchez who works at the MTC saw Sister Partridge.  This is a friend of Carmen's who worked with her this summer in Moab at the Sunset Diner.  She has been so good to her!  Thanks Kelcie!  We love you even though we have never met except in a picture!

It has been an amazing week! I also found out that there's this thing called "Dear Elder" which is a website that you can go on and type in my MTC address and then type a message and they print it out here and I get it that same day! My MTC address is:

Hermana Partridge 
2005 N. 900 E. Unit 191
Provo UT 84602
On the third day I was here we started to teach a fake investigator but we didn't know that till later. On the third discussion it was pretty funny because since I'm in a district of elders and I'm the only Hermana then I just go in like a trio with two other Elders. So on the third discussion we start to talk to Diogo and he asks a question to us and I thought he said "cansado"(tired) but he actually asked if I was married (casado) to one of the Elders and I was like "Si" and the Elders said "No" and it was a really funny moment of the teaching discussion! Then the other Elders in Spanish said that this was the Gospel of Vegetables. Good times! Everyday we(our entire zone) go outside to the sand volleyball courts and play volleyball, it's some of the funniest things I've done here!

Also I saw Elder Leftler from Creekside Apt. at Snow and I almost ran up to him and hugged him but then I remembered we couldnt hug Elders and a hand shake sufficed, but it was pretty awesome to be able to see him! Also I saw Kelcie from Moab and Sunset Grill here, she works in the mornings as a custodian and I love seeing her! One morning I went in and a donut was on my desk and another time a bag of Life savers with an awesome quote about how the Lord is our Lifesaver! Both from Kelcie! 

There's something here called TRC(Teaching Resource Center) here and it's where we teach real investigators in Spanish. There's this old man named Marco that mi companera and I just go in to sing to en Espanol since he cant understand the hymns in English. Then we taught a woman named Viri and the first lesson went ok, the second lesson however was amazing! We started to teach what we were going to teach and then we ended up talking about something else entirely and then we both bore our testimonies and oh-my-lanta! The spirit was felt! It was amazing!

Each day I found more things that are completely opposite between me and my companion but the great thing is that we get along so well and she is absolutely amazing!

Love you all!
Hermana Partridge

 My name tag.

 This is a picture of my roommates and my companion is the one on the far right! The Hermana in the middle is Hermana Bushman who was in my old ward back at Snow! The Hermana on the far left is Hermana Browning!
This is our zone!
My district...
All the Hermanas in our zone!

Hermana Partridge and some Hermanas from the zone!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Companion: Hermana Playstead

So my companions name is Hermana Playstead, and when I'm not with her I'm usually in class with four other Elders since I'm the only one in the intermediate Spanish class and not with the three new sisters who are in the beginners class of Spanish.

Hermana Partridge

(I think very short emails are all we're going to get from Carmen while she's at the MTC.) 

You can write to her at 

OK, here is a longer version of this morning's email.

So the MTC is a prison, we can't go off campus and we cant do certain things and my bed is hard as a rock and they gave me a thin blanket to sleep all in all it's a prison; BUT, it's a spiritual prison and I love it here! My companion Hermana Playstead is amazing! We're complete polar opposites. I asked her if she wanted to work out or do weights and she asked me how exactly do you do weights. She's so sweet though, she's from Los Angeles! 

When I got here they directed me to a different line and it turns out that I'm a solo sister here at the MTC. Meaning my classroom is just me and 4 other Elders. Which also means my companion is also in a trio companionship when I'm not there and I cant be alone and have to be around at least 2 or more elders. I'm doing ok in my Spanish class. It's definitely coming to me more. I saw Elder Lefler here at the MTC from my old ward and I couldn't hug him! I was so distraught, but part of the trio and sisters that I live with is Hermana Bushman from the old ward as well! It has been great!

Yesterday we met our Branch president who is a very stern man who is all about "Silent dignity" and his wife looks like Edna from the incredibles but with brown hair and she talks and acts like Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter but is sweet and loving at the same time.......I dont know what to think about her yet. THE FOOD HERE IS GREAT! I'm not complaining about the food at all, it is pretty good even if it is cafeteria food!

Love you all!  Hermana Partridge

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MTC stands for Missionary Training Center

8:35 p.m.
I'm alive and my P-day is on Friday. Let's just say after 5 minutes of being there I was in a class of 5 guys and the only sister there and my teacher was only speaking was great! I'm considered a solo sister and if my companion is not with me I have to have at least 2 elders with me at all times. My companion is awesome! I love her!  Love ya!


Setting Apart

Last night Carmen was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by President McMurtery, our Stake President and Bishop Maia and Jason Partridge (Carmen's dad) stood in the circle.  The spirit was strong and afterwards there were some spiritual missionary experiences shared.  It really helps to strengthen testimonies when we see how the Lord blesses His missionaries as they stay faithful in every way. He walks with them and they are his mouth peace.  Sister Carmen Partridge enters the Missionary Training Center (MTC) today and will be there for about 6 weeks. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finishing Paperwork for Nicaragua

Carmen went to the police station to finish her paperwork and was told there was a warrant out for her arrest.  The lady commented on how Carmen was taking the news.  Usually people get really angry but Carmen was in good spirits.  Carmen told the woman helping her that the police officer just gave her a warning, not a ticket or citation when she was pulled over in Ephraim.  After two hours, Carmen was all cleared.  It's nice how the blessings keep coming!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Going Through the Temple


 Carmen enjoyed this marvelous experience.
The Spirit was so strong.  We could feel our ancestors and friends with us!  It was nice having Carmen's Aunt Donita and Nana there too!
A special thanks for her close friends who came with us and added to the experience! 

What a beautiful girl inside and out!
Sunday was Carmen's opportunity to speak in church...shared her strong testimony in Fast and Testimony Meeting; then went and taught the Gospel Doctrine Class. 

 Go get'em girl!

I just love this girl's sense of humor...she makes us laugh all the time!

The Call and Moab

 Exciting moment in May 2015!

Carmen worked all summer long in Moab to pay for her mission.  She is excited about serving in Central America!  Ready to go forth and share the Book of Mormon.