Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lord gives us strength when we don't have any!

So this past week I felt like the Lord was humbling me. I've been sick my whole mission with just about everything and everyday I've been able to work because the Lord gave me the strength to work! But I guess the Lord this time wanted to humble me because this past Monday we went out and ate and cleaned a little bit the house but when we got home from eating, Hermana Gomez started to throw up and I had to hold her hair back for her. After that we wrote and then we went out to teach and my companion had said that her stomach had hurt her a little bit in the morning but then when we were teaching a lesson she turned bad. So after the lesson we went to the house and then she started to throw up! Hermana Lopez, my companion was sick! So all four of us were in the house. Me, Sister Hussey, Sister Lopez, and  Sister Gomez.
So my companion and Gomez went to sleep while Hussey and I went and taught at a Family Home Evening. It was so amazing and spiritual! We talked with the family about how our friends habits become our own habits and how we need to choose our friends wisely.
Then we returned back to the house and went to sleep only to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to help Gomez with throwing up, who had a temp. of 101.5 degrees to cool down. Then my companion also had a fever! So I was up a little bit trying to help them then we finally went back to sleep. THEN! on Tuesday morning I woke up and I felt like death so we all pooped in a cup and took it to the poop place and they did a test on our poop and it turns out we all 4 have the same parasite and infection. So we stayed in for the day on Tuesday because nobody could function because we were all dehydrated with diarrhea and thank goodness I didn't throw up! Tender mercy of the Lord right there. Then during the day we kept having to check the temperature of Gomez because her fever was all over the place. While the others were sleeping Gomez got up and sat in her chair and she was burning! I took her temperature and it was 103.3 degrees! So I told her to go take a shower to cool down and to take pills to help the fever. So for three days I felt like a nurse but I had no energy whatsoever and horrible diarrhea! 

So while we were sick on Wednesday we had interviews with President. It was my last interview! I sat down with President and he renewed my temple recommend and told me that I needed to set goals for after the mission, but not right now, after the mission. He told me that I needed to go on at least 2 dates a week and basically gave me the key to making goals and decisions in life. 
1. Study it out
2. Ponder about it or think
3. Pray about it
4. Listen to the Lord
I can already see how the Lord has blessed my life and how he is preparing the way!

Then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we were able to work thanks to the Lord! 
We've found some good people to teach! One of them is Yader who is looking for the truth but doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon but wants to get baptized in our church and comes every Sunday! He thinks our church is the most like Gods church when he put it on the earth but has a hard time praying about the Book of Mormon. Also, we have Hanlley who we contacted and his mom is a member but in a different city and doesn't know anything about the church. He read his Book of Mormon though and loved it and wants to go to church this Sunday! We also have Raquel who is reading her Book of Mormon but doesn't know how to pray, so we taught her how to pray and committed her to come to church but this week she didn't come. We´ll have to see what happened. Also we are teaching two families who are really hard to find because they´re busy but they don't go to any church because they are confused and don't want to go to a pastor to find answers so we told them to ask God! We told them that this was the true church of God and to ask him only to see if it was true! Please pray for them! 

Gotta go but I´ll talk to you guys for the last time next week! Love you!
Hermana Partridge

 Hermana Partridge playing nurse to sick sisters!

Monday, March 6, 2017


So here are a few photos that were taken during the past month! Hermana Hussey and I completing 17 months 

All the Hna lideres of the mission at a reunion de lideres.