Monday, February 6, 2017

Feliz Cumpleanos!

 Feliz Cumpleanos, Hermana Partridge!

My daughter in the mission came and did divisions with us! It was a weird birthday because I wake up and nobody is in their bed, I walk out and everyone is singing happy birthday and then my companion takes an egg to my head and then everybody else smacked an egg on my head. That´s how they celebrate birthdays in the mission, Then one of the members who gave us iguana took flour and put it on my head, good thing we went home to plan after.

So this past week my convert made us octopus and then a convert gave us soup with iguana! It was actually pretty good!

My convert who got baptized was a lawyer in the states and he's the one who gave us octopus.

This is his house which is probably lo mas rich house I've seen in Nicaragua. When he got baptized there was no water in the church so we had to call the firefighters to bring water but it was so dirty that the water looked black, but he said, it´s like I´m getting baptized in a river! Esta bien!
Also Hna Bullock completed a year so we burned a skirt, then Hna Hussey her birthday was on the 22 of January so we celebrated double birthday!
Here is a picture of Chichurong muronga, which is pigs blood made into a pudding sort of thing that they book in the intestines of the pig and make it with rice and comes out´s really gross.

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